Even animals have a big heart toward other animals. This is proven to be true by an adorable dog from Essex, England. Fred, the ten-year-old dog of the Labrador breed, did not hesitate to become a parent to tiny ducklings.

Fred usually stays at a tourist destination called Mountfitchet Castle in Essex. That was also where he found the ducklings. According to the people around the area, they already saw the ducklings wandering around but did not think of doing anything. To their surprise, it was Fred who turned to the poor ducklings and has become their foster dad since then.

It was sweet yet funny that the good-hearted dog was able to cater to not just one, but nine ducklings in total! The cute, little ducklings usually follow Fred when he goes to the channel near the castle so that they can go swimming and enjoy the water. This is a normal scenario according to the staff working at the tourist spot. It was a fun sight to see the animals playing in the water.

A lot of people frequently visit the area, so the news of Fred babysitting the ducklings is widely known. He has a matter of fact attracted so many tourists because of what he did to the little ducklings. People are used to seeing him in the castle since he is already considered as a permanent resident of the said place. The castle, by the way, serves as a shelter to abandoned and abused animals who were already rescued.

Based on the story of the staff workers in the castle, they were bothered when they found out that the ducklings’ mother is missing. Thanks to Fred who has an instinct to look after abandoned animals just like him before, the ducklings now have a new parent that they can call their own.

Credits to Mountfitchet Castle


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