Human beings carry much weight when it comes to saving lives. As rational people, it is imperative that we act out fast in dire situations like calamities, accidents, and unforeseen events because it is expected of us. As the famous adage goes, keepers of one’s race.

In recent years and through the help of modern technology, however, this daunting task of saving others lives has become easy. With the proliferation of hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and other medical-related institutions, the rather difficult mandate to save lives is carried over to medical practitioners.

This, though, is not true in many ways. There are emergencies like accidents when we have to act out as fast as possible because one wrong move can cause the lives of others.

Most people nowadays are already trained to provide first aid through training. But humans are not the only one equipped with these life-saving measures.

As our world becomes more progressive, animals have become keen and trained in saving lives, too. For example, dogs.

From being a stress reliever to being used as a tool to halt terrorist attacks, dogs have become man’s companion through the most menial jobs to the more complex ones.

This video from a Madrid-based police officer showed a medic dog performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on a ‘fallen officer’ much to the delight of the crowd.

Later known as Poncho, the pooch leaped over several times at the police officer’s corpse, trying hard to revive him.

A few moments later, Poncho was successful with the display of his reviving skills as the police officer stood up from the ground, seemingly thanking the dog for a job well done.

More than this, if we look closely at Poncho, he is also equipped with the basic equipment of a rescuer as he has with him a flashlight on his back. And as he performs the CPR, he also checks if the police officer is breathing by lying down on his chest.

Continue the good work, Poncho!

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