If you are a pet owner, you already know how dogs can be funny without even trying. They are full of quirks and antics that we find amusing, and even when they do something terrible, we can’t even stay angry with them for a long time, especially when they show us their guilty faces.

However, according to studies, dogs are not capable of feeling guilty, and we only associated the ‘guilty’ look because it’s a lot like a human’s reaction when feeling guilty. In fact, their ‘guilty’ look is based on their owner’s reaction from being upset with them.

I’m sure some of you tried to pretend you are mad at your dogs, but do you know that their reactions vary? Some dogs rollover to show their submissiveness, while others would do a guilty face or a submissive smile. They only do this pacify their owners to make them stop from getting angry with them.

Either way, their ‘guilty’ face is way too adorable, especially when they do a submissive smile, just like Miller.

Miller’s mom caught him eating off the counter, which he is not allowed to do. His mom decided to confront him of his wrongdoing and was able to record everything.

The video started with Miller avoiding eye contact as his mom asks if he ate the food on the counter. He was repeatedly asked by his mom before he looked at the camera and then ‘smiled’ for a few seconds, then looked away. He was repeatedly asked by his mom and even demanding him to talk, but of course, dogs can’t talk, right?

The video went on with him smiling now and avoiding eye contact with his mom. It was obvious that his ‘smiling’ antic worked and of course, his mom cannot stay angry for so long as she forgave Miller from eating food off the counter.

It’s great that Miller got off the hook this time. Plus, who could stay angry with him after showing his smile? I know I won’t!

Watch the video below:

Video source: Leah Delerme via YouTube


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