Bulldogs are often misunderstood and wrongfully accused as being lazy dogs. Yes, bulldogs like to lounge around and at times may be hesitant to include themselves in physical activities, but it would be unfair to judge them as lazy. Experts claim that these dogs are merely selective of when they wish to spend their energy.

If they choose a particular activity they are interested in, people’s jaws would drop as these dogs can surprise their critics with the explosive energy they have in reserve all along. One good example is Rudy – a bulldog who wowed everyone at this year’s Westminster Masters Agility challenge.

It seems that they just needed to be inspired to be active, and dog parents can be surprised by how active these dogs can be. Another perfect example is Gunnar, the bulldog. Years ago, Gunnar would seem to be that typical bulldog who doesn’t want to do anything and just prefers to be indoors and lounge around.

His human parents would have to force him to go on walks to get his exercise, but often times their attempts were in vain. This all changed when his brothers were born. It even seemed that even before his human brothers came into the world, he was already excited to see them.

He would lean against her human mom’s tummy and would feel the baby kick out. Indeed when his two brothers were born, Gunnar magically transformed into another dog with a different personality. He would always go out, especially if the kids went out too, and he would play with them a lot and likes to do the activities that the kids are doing.

He even taught one of the babies how to climb up the stairs, and stayed behind him to make sure he doesn’t fall. He started to like going swimming, and he gets excited every time he hears the word “pool.” He became the big brother to his two baby brothers and he would watch over them when mom is cooking in the kitchen. See their video by clicking here.

Thanks to our friends over at The Dodo for sharing the original story.


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