John couldn’t imagine life with no dog beside him. Even if he already uses a wheelchair, he knew he’s still capable of providing a home to shelter dogs. So he didn’t think twice after meeting Pawpaw in Muttville Senior Rescue Dog. Like John, Pawpaw, 11 when they met, is also in his senior years, and the moment they met was the start of them becoming a family.

Over the years, John and Pawpaw had shared nothing but love. However, John’s health has been progressively declining over the past few months. He needed to plan ahead and he wants nothing more than for Pawpaw to find a loving forever family for after when he’s gone.

“Pawpaw is John’s family. It’s bittersweet that John may soon leave us,” said Muttville Founder Sherri Franklin. “It’s an honor to help Pawpaw find a new family.

John has ALS. He asks that his Muttville dog, PawPaw, finds the perfect home.

John has had dogs his whole life. In fact, not too long ago you’d see John and his dog together all the time, even tooling around town on his scooter.Then, around three years ago, John got ALS. Not long after, he lost his beloved dog. He said he thought he’d wait for a while to get another dog, but he couldn’t stand not having a dog, and only a few months later he went to Muttville. He and Sherri Franklin, the founder of Muttville, had been friends for years.The folks at Muttville brought one dog to meet John, then another, and then…boom! John saw Pawpaw, and Pawpaw saw John, and it was love at first sight.Pawpaw is a Wolfhound/Beagle mutt who was about 10 years old when they met. John and his caregiver took PawPaw home with a promise from Muttville that they would rehome Pawpaw if he outlived John.John and Pawpaw are constant companions. PawPaw is always next to John and he sleeps on his dog bed right next to John’s bed. We all agree that PawPaw has extended John’s life and improved his quality of life too!But John’s health started to decline. He contacted Sherri last month with the news that he would like to start the process of finding PawPaw’s new home, a special family that understands that PawPaw will stay with John till he passes – a family that can love him as much as John does.PawPaw is about 13 now but still has a puppy-like zest for life and love. Muttville is looking for someone who will love him and give him that new chapter. John hopes to meet them, too! Email us at

Posted by Muttville Senior Dog Rescue on Monday, February 18, 2019

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Many pets become homeless the moment their humans die. They are usually brought to animal shelters and wait to get adopted again if they’re lucky. But when a dog is in the senior years already, it’s difficult to find them a home and they eventually end up being euthanized. Luckily for Pawpaw, John is thinking forward.

Already 13 years old, Pawpaw is still energetic and acts like a young puppy. He is an easygoing pooch that fits very well in almost all situations. He’s very friendly and will make a great addition to any family who ends up adopting him, said Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Adoption Manager Kristin Hoff.

Photo Credits to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

The family who gets to adopt Pawpaw is not only saving a life. They will also be providing John a very precious gift knowing that his beloved Pawpaw has another chance of making someone else happy, the same exact way the sweet dog brightened up his days. Everyone hopes that soon enough, John’s wish of finding Pawpaw a new loving home comes true.

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