A tiny English bulldog with a big heart led a fruitful life, not only brightening people’s day with his cuteness but also raising awareness regarding the rare condition with which he was born.

The bulldog, adorably named Bonsai, was born with several congenital deformities. Scans showed that he only had half a spine, no pelvic bones, and underdeveloped hind legs.

Doctors diagnosed him with sacral agenesis, otherwise known as caudal regression syndrome. The disorder is usually found in humans and is extremely unusual in dogs, although veterinarians have seen it in cats.

An Arkansas breeder handed over Bonsai to Friends of Emma, an animal rescue based in Texas. Its founder, Elizabeth Hart, personally took charge of the dog’s care.

Image credit: Bonsai – Half a Bulldog, Twice the Love on Facebook

Despite all the problems with his anatomy, Bonsai was in good condition except for his unusable rear limbs, which were causing him pain and preventing him from moving around freely. Once surgeons amputated those legs, the bulldog was able to live his best life.

Hart created a Facebook page for Bonsai, and the little pup quickly gained a ton of social media followers from across the globe who showered him with love.

The energetic and adventurous dog also helped educate people regarding sacral agenesis. He was able to raise awareness even further when the International Sacral Agenesis / Caudal Regression Association named him their official mascot.

Bonsai was a source of comfort and inspiration for children who were living with the same condition, and stuffed animals modeled after him helped them realize they were not alone in the world.

However, the English bulldog passed away when he was only 16 months old. According to Hart, they never expected him to have a long life like other dogs because of his syndrome, but they never thought he would die so soon, either, as he was a healthy and active pup.

Still, the little bulldog lived a full life that brought smiles to many people’s faces. Hart says Bonsai’s indomitable spirit will live on in everyone who loves him.

Watch Bonsai cool down in his backyard pool and play with his fur brother, Ransom, in the video below:

Source: Friends of Emma Medical Rescue on YouTube


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