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Dogs have proven to be effective mood changers. In particular, owning a dog can reduce intolerable stress, heightened anxiety, unwelcome depression, and loneliness.

More than these, having dogs improve the quality of a person’s life. For one, according to a study released by Journal of Physical Activity & Health, people with dogs are likely to have walked more than those who don’t, thereby helping in the everyday physical exercise of one’s person.

Owning a dog, however, is a privilege to some since many communities or even households, especially those who rent accommodation, do not allow pets in their homes for sanitary purpose.

But while this may be the case, there are other ways by which a person can droll or even giggle at a certain dog. Instagram is one.

This social media platform has been doing wonders for so many people because it helps them connect with the people they want to follow such as celebrities, athletes, and politicians.

But make no mistake, some dogs have Instagram too!

If by any chance you are wondering what dog accounts to follow on this social media platform, here are some suggestions:

Winston the White Corgi

Seven-year-old Winston the White Corgi is one of the dogs you should follow on Instagram. His lively demeanor and photogenic visage will melt your hearts.

Jiff the Pomeranian

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Touted as the most followed animal on Instagram with over 8 million followers to date, Jiff the Pomeranian can brighten your day with his daily posts and stories.

Aside from dressing several different clothes, this dog is also known to be the fastest dog around on two legs by no less than the Guinness World Records.

Doug the Pug

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“‪I made u breaky‬” -Doug

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Ever seen a dog who cooks? Doug the pug will do the job for you.

The eight-year-old Doug is best known for his funny short vines online as well as his OOTDs.

Turbo the two-legged chihuahua

Who would forget this inspiring and adorable chihuahua?

Amid his condition of having only two back legs, Turbo never ran out of energy as he displays his athleticism and courage while using his DIY carts as support.


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