Visits to the doctor, even for mere checkups and scheduled follow-ups, are something that most people dread, and even animals are not so different from all of us.

Dogs are clever beings and can quickly pick up antics from their humans, even more so if doggy treats are involved. However, if rewards are not in the picture, some pups are eager to learn new tricks, and also use the ones that are on their sleeves all to impress their parents and in hopes of getting a prize for their efforts. And Lulu, a Shiba Inu puppy knew just the method to use when she hears her parents utter the word, “vet.”

Because she is scheduled to be spayed, such operation is every cats’ and dogs’ nightmare. And just when her mom started calling her to get up from the bed, Lulu pretended to be in a deep sleep – even hiding under the sheets for extra cover.

From scaring the dog by shouting, “Boo!,” pulling the sheets, belly rubs, trying her best to give Lulu a scare by shouting, “Boo!”, And even pulling the blanket off of her; unfortunately, it all just went on deaf ears. But with one last trick in her belt, her mom went on to get her dog’s favorite dog treats.

And just like that, the sound of her dog treats was enough to jolt her awake, and instantly gets up on the bed, so that she could have a taste of her favorite treats.

Parents usually know their children like the back of their hands, and fur-babies are not an exception to that. Because Lulu’s mom knows she’s being outwitted, she was able to win Lulu over with that particular trick of hers which left the dog no choice but to head on straight to that important vet appointment.

Watch the video here:

Source: Fun Kiwi Kids via YouTube


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