Pit bulls have been unfairly judged by society. There is a stigma towards this beautiful breed that they are savage and aggressively dangerous. Well, we know about dogs, and we say, no, they are not. Pit bulls are some of the gentlest breeds that a family can ever have.

We strongly believe that whether or not a pup is dangerous is due to how they were brought up by their human parents. Unfortunately, pit bulls were chosen to be trained to become fighting dogs. Marcy Setter of the Pit Bull Rescue Center once said, “There is not any breed of dog that is inherently more dangerous.”

Pit bulls were actually labeled as “nanny dogs.” This moniker assigned to them is due to how good they are with kids. It feels as if you have a nanny watching over your children if you have a pet pit bull at home. Indeed, pit bulls have proven this time and again as they saved kids from dangerous situations hundreds of times.

Another role that pit bulls can take on is a peacemaker. There is a viral video of a pit bull who stopped two roosters from getting at each other’s necks. The video shows our hero pup stepping in between two roosters going at it. If you aren’t familiar with roosters, they like to fight with one another.

They like fighting so much that they have become prized fighters in cockfighters where it is legal. So these two decided to have a go at each other, and our good boy steps in to keep the peace on the land. He pushed one of the roosters to the side, and he stepped in between them to keep them apart.

The peace-loving pit bull received a couple of strikes from one of the roosters, but he didn’t even flinch. He stood his ground and sent his message loud and clear – that there will be no fighting under his watch. See the video of him keeping the peace by clicking here.

Thanks to our friends over at The Dodo for sharing the original video.


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