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Who would have thought that dogs could be such jealous creatures? Well, anyone who’s ever had a dog, obviously. Or at least, anyone who’s had a friend whose dog was extremely close to them.

Like this girl trying to ask her friend’s Pitbull, Browser, for forgiveness. Apparently, she had a good time petting another dog and now Browser wouldn’t even look at her. She was pretty determined, though, because she kept on smothering him with kisses and said the words “I’m sorry” repeatedly.

You know you’re in big trouble the moment you start receiving the “side glances” treatment. And that was exactly what Browser so expertly did to this girl. He wasn’t actively trying to get away from her, but he wasn’t returning the affection either.

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Because hey, if dogs can look all sheepish and wag their tail and grab on a toy with their mouth to look adorable when they know they did something wrong, so can we. We will grovel for their forgiveness, and we will enjoy doing it. Because even when upset, they still look cute as a button.

You can almost hear him say, “We’re officially fighting. Why don’t you just go and be merry with that dog you like so much?” Or something appropriately melodramatic like that. People like to do that, too, except we’re nowhere near as good at it as they are.

It’s times like this when subtitles are so useful. It showcases the uploader’s ability to entertain and highlights do behavior that would otherwise take more than one viewing to notice. Still, we were able to interpret all that after watching this raw video. So it really isn’t all that bad.

Sadly, there’s no way for us to find out if the Browser did forgive his friend, after all. The video ended in the middle of their conversation, probably because the remaining content was just more of the same. Maybe he’ll come around as soon as she washes the other dog’s smell off her hands.

Source: Karma Rose via YouTube


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