Joel Carpenter from Portland, Maine was browsing through the online pet adoption website Petfinder when a particular dog’s profile caught his attention.

Immediately, Joel knew that Sadie, a Husky-collie mix, was the perfect companion for him. “She was so beautiful,” he says of the pooch.

That Sadie was living in a shelter 1,500 miles away in Minneapolis, Minnesota did not deter him in the least. He spent the last of his money on a one-way ticket from Portland to Minneapolis so he could meet the dog.

He didn’t have the money for the return ticket, but he knew everything was going to work out in the end. The adoption process went smoothly, and Joel now had the dog of his dreams.

The new dog dad had to figure out how the two of them could get back home. Sometimes they walked, and other times they found kind strangers on Craigslist who let them ride in their car part of the way.

When they had to rest, the CouchSurfing page helped them find someone willing to put them up for the night. Joel also set up a page on a crowdfunding site, where he was able to raise over a thousand dollars.

Joel shares that they traveled only a few hours a day so Sadie would not feel too exhausted or uncomfortable.

Lara Yunaska, a producer for news outfit Inside Edition, met with Joel and Sadie in Detroit. A week had gone by since the Portland man adopted the canine, and the two still had 800 miles left on their journey.

Lara sponsored a carrier for Sadie and took them to a veterinary clinic so the dog could get the necessary immunization shots.

But then Inside Edition decided to help just a little bit more. This time, they bought plane tickets for Joel and Sadie so they could go home at last.

After their long adventure, Joel was worn out but extremely grateful for the help. Today, Sadie is doing well in Joel’s care, and the two enjoy cuddling, playing, and exploring the outdoors together.

Watch Joel and Sadie on their 1,500-journey in the video below:

Source: Inside Edition on YouTube


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