Tracy Di Bartolo from Mechanicsville, Virginia found a dog and took her home. The dog had an accidental pregnancy, which was how Freki was born. When Freki came out, Tracy noticed that he looked different than the others.

Freki, the pittie, had a cleft palate. This is a condition that develops while the pup is still inside the mother’s womb. A puppy with a cleft palate has an opening between his mouth and his nasal passages. As a result, the pup would have difficulty in eating and drinking.

Posted by Tracy DiBartolo on Thursday, August 25, 2016


Vet Ranch Veterinarian Karri McCreary said that dogs with cleft palate are prone to aspiration pneumonia, which could be fatal. While Freki’s condition wasn’t that severe, this could still result in a shorter lifespan.

Stray puppies who have cleft palate and are unable to feed on their own don’t survive that long. Shelter puppies with cleft palate, on the other hand, don’t have as much chance at life too. Often, people don’t choose them because of their look and the expensive surgical procedure.

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Thankfully, Freki has a family who cares for him. Not only that. He also has a sister who loves him unconditionally. Her name is Freya, the blind pittie. Tracy said that Freki and Freya get along really well. She would often see them snuggling and cleaning each other’s ears.

Despite their condition, Tracy chose to keep Freki and Freya together with their mother and Einar, their brother. Tracy said that for Freki to survive, she had to put him in a laundry basket that had a heating pad. She also had to bottle-feed him every after 2-3 hours. Soon enough, Freki grew into a healthy dog.

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Freki underwent a surgical procedure to repair his cleft palate. This was made possible by the help of the kind-hearted people from around the world who pitched in for his operation. Because of that, Freski is now able to feed on his own.

Now, Freki has one last issue to deal with. He snores like a grown man. This isn’t life-threatening though, only sleep-threatening.

Credit: Tracy DiBartolo


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