Pit bulls are perceived to be vicious or mean. That’s why, at shelters, many people often overlook them. But, what so many people fail to see is how loyal and loving they are. Fortunately, some people look beyond stereotypes, which is why dogs like Felon get rescued.

Felon is a pit bull that has cut ears and has a body that’s covered in wounds. He was rescued from dogfighting. Felon was about to be put on sleep when Gina Marie rescued him from Fulton County Animal Shelter. She knew what to expect about pit bulls but still chose to save one of them.


When Gina Marie brought Felon home, he went inside a bedroom then hid in one corner. He would growl whenever she tries to approach him. Despite feeling heartbroken and defeated, Gina Marie was determined to help Felon.

So, she asked her dad to bring his senior dog to her house. The moment Felon saw the dog walk through the door, he immediately lit up. He quickly got up and went for a walk, said Gina Marie. This made her decide to rescue another dog.


Gina Marie and Felon went back to the shelter. That’s where they found the dog at the last kennel named Envy. Felon and Envy instantly connected. They ran and played as if they’re old friends. They’re like a match made in heaven, said Gina Marie.

Envy was exactly what Felon needed for him to move on from his painful past. She’s the reason why Felon started to trust people. She taught him how to be a normal dog and have fun.

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After two frustrating years, Gina Marie’s hard work, patience, and love finally paid off. They now enjoy snuggling, which was nearly impossible before Envy came to their lives. Gina Marie said that the two dogs had given her a purpose to wake up every day. They give her the joy that she can’t explain.

Credit: Felon & Envy Hoyt


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