Being an aging dog, it is noticeable that Cash is usually sad. This Golden Retriever lost his sister a few years ago when she died abruptly. Cash is already 12 years old, and his loneliness and aloof behavior might be a result of his aging. However, his foster parents could not bear the situation that their beloved Cash will just remain lonely.

According to his foster family, Cash used to be a high-spirited, playful, and charming dog. It is normal for him to play around the house, greet anyone who approaches him, and welcome everyone with a cheerful smile. All of these had changed though when his sister passed away. Cash is used to having his sister by his side as a companion.

Jay and Marie Ahonen, Cash’s foster parents, got worried about the changes in their pet dog’s behavior. They thought of a good way to help him recover from the loss of his sister. They wanted to give him a new companion whom he can play with and treat as a sibling of his own.

They are positive that having another dog by his side may change the way Cash behaves and might bring his old, happy disposition back.

Marie surprised Cash with a new companion. She looked for a new dog which can perfectly suit as Cash’s new sibling. She named the dog Jennings. Jennings was delicately put in a nice box which they gave to Cash, which he also carefully opened.

Cash did not open the box right away; he sniffed through it first. He was probably wondering what is inside. As soon as he successfully opened the box, Cash went extremely happy. He endlessly wagged his tail as if there is no tomorrow.

Almost instantly, Cash has regained his youthful glow just like what he had in the past. Marie was very glad that her decision to get Cash a companion was a success. The rest of the family is hoping that they won’t see Cash sad ever again.

Watch the adorable video below:

Video source: Caters Clips via YouTube


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