Service dog Ellie and her mate Nugget were supposed to board a flight from Tampa, Florida to Philadelphia along with their owners. However, they missed their flight, but for a good reason. Ellie was pregnant, and she gave birth amidst the busy airport!

Travelers witnessed the spectacular event which quickly became an internet hit.

Welcome to the world, puppies!

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Ellie is a service dog. She was named after Eleanor Rigby, after the famous Beatles song. Ellie and her mate, a yellow Labrador, Nugget, were to set to board a flight to Philadelphia when the most unexpected thing happened.

Ellie laid down on the airport floor and refused to move. Meanwhile, Nugget was guarding her like an eager dad-to-be. Little did everybody know that Ellie was actually going on labor and she’s set to deliver the pups right then and there.

Fortunately, Tampa Fire Rescue team quickly arrived on the scene and helped Ellie give birth. Soon enough, the puppies made their grand entrance into the world, and one by one set the onlookers in total awe.

All in all, Ellie delivered seven cute male pups and one beautiful female. Ellie and Nugget’s family is now complete. The delivery ended happily, with the audience applauding the proud mama dog.

Two of the pups were named Natalie and Larry, in honor to the Tampa Fire Rescue staff who assisted the delivery.

Worth missing the flight for

golden retriever puppy, pup, puppy of three weeks

According to Ellie’s owner, Diane Van Atter said that she knew that Ellie was pregnant. But she didn’t know how far along Ellie was and that they probably had time to travel before Ellie’s due date.

The birth of the puppies came as a great surprise to everybody, but it was one that’s welcomed with arms wide open. They have missed their flight, but it was worth it. Instead, Diane, her daughter, Ellie and Nugget and all the puppies decided to drive 1,000 miles from Florida to Philadelphia.

Ellie’s delivery at the airport was such a sight to behold. Here’s a Youtube video courtesy of the pups’ birth courtesy of Fox 13 News.

Thanks to our friends at Oh My Pup for sharing this story.


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