Monday blues are the usual feels that humans tend to experience. Every Monday, we cut our trips short, wake up early in the morning and face  millions of paper works at the office. With this, it is easy to conclude that Monday is the most dreaded day of the week.

Our star in this story shows that these Monday blues aren’t just limited to humans. In the video attached in this article, you will see a Scottish little pup who refuses to get out of a very comfortable-looking bed.

His owner was so persistent in waking him up to go for a walk. Apparently, the little dog wants to prove that he is the boss and does not have time to even glance at his owner.

His owner’s daughter, Mhairi-Louise Brennan posted this video to Twitter and unexpectedly received over 400 thousand views. There are Twitter users who left comments as to how their dogs sleep just like Malcolm. There are also those who shared how their furry pets would wake them up at five or six in the morning which is a total opposite of Malcolm.

Watch the video below.

Source: Twitter via @mlcoolj1

Research says that sleep is an integral part of both  human and dog’s development and recovery. However, according to American Kennel Club, the age, breed, and size of the dogs are also great factors in their sleeping cycle. Although an average dog can sleep 12 to 14 hours, older dogs just like older humans need to rest more as they easily get tired.

While working dogs can sleep less than the average 12-14 hours, those breeds which are meant to stay at home can sleep longer hours. The dog’s sleeping cycle varies and is dependent on the nature of responsibilities and purpose which their owners expect from them.

Thanks to Life With Dogs for sharing this story.


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